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The 9th Annual Garfield Symposium will be taking place on Saturday, November 12, 2022, beginning at 9:00 AM.

The Symposium will be held virtually via Zoom Video and Teleconference.  THIS EVENT IS FREE!

While there is no fee to attend, we ask that you register by November 9, 2022.

The program will include:

  •   Garfield Goings On - including Garfield 200 and America 250.  (Presented by Abraham Bruckman, JAGCWRT)

  •   Recognition of Attendees of 5+ years

  •   James A. Garfield on Capitol Hill Then and Now - a visual tour

  •   A presentation on Congressman Thaddeus Stevens, and his work on the 13th Amendment.  (Presented by Hon. Andrew C.M. Mizsak, M.A.P., MBM, JAGCWRT Adjutant)

  •   A presentation on Congressman Benjamin Wade (Presented by Benjamin Frayser, MBA, JAGCWRT Commander)

  •   The Ohio Congressional Delegation of Garfield's Years in Congress.

  •   Keynote Address:  James A. Garfield and the Foundations of Congressional Caucus Leadership (James M. Holland, Ph.D., JAGCWRT)

Additional presentation proposals are being accepted until October 20, 2022.  Please email presentation proposals to

Registration for the Symposium will be available beginning October 1, 2022, on our website,  

Did we mention that this event is FREE?

We look forward to you joining us for this great event!



Symposium Committee

Andrew C. M. Mizsak, Co-Chair, JAGCWRT

Dana Best-Mizsak, Co-Chair, JAGCWRT

Douglas M. Brattebo, PhD, JD, Hiram College

Abraham Bruckman, MS, JAGCWRT

William C. DiGiacomontonio, Chief Historian,

US Capitol Historical Society

Benjamin Frayser, MBA, JAGCWRT

Previous Keynote Speakers


2014, Lakeland Community College,  Allan Peskin, PhD  

The Life of James A. Garfield

2015, Lakeland Community College, Daniel Vermiliya 

James A. Garfield and the Civil War

2016, Bedford, Ohio, Douglas Brattebo, Ph.D, JD 

The 1880 Presidential Election of James A. Garfield

2017, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Benjamin Frayser, MBA

James A. Garfield and the Chagrin Falls Debates

2018, Orange Village, Ohio, Anita Benedetti, BA

The Life of Lucretia R. Garfield (First Person Interpretation)

2019, Strongsville, Ohio, Benjamin Frayser as Major General James A. Garfield

James A. Garfield in the Civil War

2020, via Zoom, Ohio, 

Benjamin Frayser as Candidate James A. Garfield

The 140th Anniversary of the Treaty of Mentor

2021, via Zoom, Ohio, 

James A. Garfield, III

The Garfield's of Hiram

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