8:30am     Zoom Room Opens

9:00am     Call to Order and Opening Remarks


9:10am     Session:  Life in the Garfield Home

                    presented by James A. & Lucretia Garfield  

                   (portrayed by Benjamin Frayser & Anita Benedetti)


9:55am      Break

10:00am    Session:  The Legislator in our Town

                     presented by Andrew Mizsak, JAGCWRT


10:45am    Break


10:55am    Special recognition of USCHS, George Kopp and the James Joshua Kopp         



11:05am    Session: Undergraduate Panel from the James A. Garfield Center for the Study

                  of the American Presidency at Hiram College

                      moderated by Dr. Douglas Brattebo, Hiram College

                      topics: James A. Garfield: The Student, James A. Garfield: The College

                      President, and James A. Garfield: Recruiter for the Civil War


12:00pm     Break

12:05pm     Garfield Goings-On

                       presented by Andrew Mizsak, JAGCWRT & Abraham Bruckman, JAGCWRT

12:10pm      Keynote Address

                       presented by James A. Garfield, III

12:50pm      Closing Remarks by the Symposium Committee

1:30pm        Zoom Room Closes

jag and lucretia.jpg

Symposium Committee

Andrew C. M. Mizsak, Co-Chair, JAGCWRT

Dana Best-Mizsak, Co-Chair, JAGCWRT

Douglas M. Brattebo, PhD, JD, Hiram College

Abraham Bruckman, MS, JAGCWRT

William C. DiGiacomontonio, Chief Historian,

US Capitol Historical Society

Benjamin Frayser, MBA, JAGCWRT

Previous Keynote Speakers


2014, Lakeland Community College,  Allan Peskin, PhD  

The Life of James A. Garfield

2015, Lakeland Community College, Daniel Vermiliya 

James A. Garfield and the Civil War

2016, Bedford, Ohio, Douglas Brattebo, Ph.D, JD 

The 1880 Presidential Election of James A. Garfield

2017, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Benjamin Frayser, MBA

James A. Garfield and the Chagrin Falls Debates

2018, Orange Village, Ohio, Anita Benedetti, BA

The Life of Lucretia R. Garfield (First Person Interpretation)

2019, Strongsville, Ohio, Benjamin Frayser as Major General James A. Garfield

James A. Garfield in the Civil War

2020, via Zoom, Ohio, 

Benjamin Frayser as Candidate James A. Garfield

The 140th Anniversary of the Treaty of Mentor